Want to Simplify Your Prescription?

You’ve been to the opticians, you have everything you need and then you can’t make any sense of the details that you’ve been given. Sound familiar?

At Specs At Home we want to make life easy for you with nothing more than the click of a button, which is why we’ve simplified everything you need to know. Let’s get started.

Everything is broken down into Left (L/OS) and Right (R/OD) eye so that you can account for the subtle differences that determine the way each eye focuses

The numbers you see listed are called ‘dioptres’ and they’re written in increments of 0.25

Distance Vision (DV) and Near Vision (NV) will tell you whether you are long or short sighted. You will also see them written as (+) for long sighted and (-) for short sighted, with larger numbers meaning large amounts of correction

If you see the number in the ‘cylinder’ column that means the prescription also describes how much your corneas deviate from a perfect sphere. The degree of correction required is then listed under ‘axis’ and will be a number between 1-180

If you see ‘add’ it means an additional reading component has been added to your prescription to help you read things close up

And if you have a number under ‘prism’ it means your prescription also accounts for muscle imbalances between your eyes

There are a number of different ways these details are recorded, so if you’re in doubt please feel free to get in touch with our experts prior to ordering.

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