Work Place Vouchers
Eyecare at Work offers a complete corporate eyecare scheme to help employers fulfil their legal obligation to provide staff working on VDUs with eye tests and spectacles if required.
EC Legislation, Health and Safety regulations and AOP (Association of Optometrists) recommendations have placed responsibility with the employer to provide:
● A full eye examination for employees commencing work with VDUs
● Regular eye checks
● Basic VDU spectacles (if required)
● Prescription safety eye wear if the working environment so requires

Eyecare at Work provides a comprehensive optical care service for employees at their workplace.
By receiving an on-site visit, employees need not leave the premises and can be examined efficiently - saving time and money.

During the visit, a member of our team of optometrists will take into consideration the type and duration of work undertaken, the equipment the employee uses and their working environment. An eye examination will then be performed as well as any additional tests which may be specific to the working environment.

VDU Spectacles
Under current legislation, employees who regularly use a display screen (VDU) for a significant part of their work are entitled to ask their employer to pay for a full eye examination.
If the employee requires spectacles solely and exclusively for VDU use then the employer must pay for a basic pair. In some instances, employers choose to pay a set amount, to which an employee can add funds in order to select a more expensive frame.

Safety Spectacles
Eyecare at Work provides a complete safety spectacle service, each manufactured to EN166. This service can be taken with an on-site eye examination as above, and spectacles are available in a range of contemporary frames to suit both men and women, and supplied with single vision, bifocal and multifocal plastic (CR39) or toughened glass lenses.

Eyecare at Work delivers its corporate eyecare service through Eyecare Vouchers, for more information, please visit ​​ or speak to member of our team by
calling 020 8614 0702