Home Boutique

From Online Success to a Personalised Boutique Experience

At Specsathome, our journey has been as unique as the eyewear we offer. Born out of a thriving online business, My success story is rooted in a commitment to value and customer satisfaction. With growth came the opportunity to expand, and a crucial decision to make: go the traditional retail route or create something truly special.

Choosing Community Over Commercial

I chose to stay true to my vision. Rather than opting for a commercial retail space, I decided to deepen our roots in the community. Moving from Manor Park E12 to a more spacious home in Barkingside IG6, I saw not just a house, but a potential to grow my dream in a way that aligns with my values.

The Birth of Our Home Boutique

My new home came with the opportunity to innovate – a large garage ripe for transformation. I envisioned a space that was more than just a shop; a welcoming, chic eyewear boutique that reflected a personal touch. After careful planning and design, my garage evolved into a stylish boutique and dispensing area, marrying the convenience of online shopping with the charm of a personal, in-home experience.

Step into Our World of Eyewear

The Home Boutique at Specsathome is where fashion meets function. Here, in the comfort of a home transformed by vision and passion, you'll find an exclusive collection of eyewear that's as unique as you are. From the latest trends in glasses to timeless pieces, our boutique is a treasure trove of styles waiting to be discovered.

Personal Consultations in a Relaxed Atmosphere

I invite you to visit me and explore my collection in a relaxed, no-rush atmosphere. My Home Boutique is not just a place to buy glasses; it's a space where you can enjoy a personalised consultation, try on various styles at your leisure, and find the perfect eyewear that complements your personality and lifestyle.

My Promise: Quality, Style, and Comfort

At SpecsatHome, I uphold the same promise that has driven me since day one: to provide high-quality eyewear that's stylish, comfortable, and affordable. Every pair of glasses I dispense is a testament to my commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Visit and Discover the Specsathome Difference

We're more than just an eyewear store; we're a part of your community. I look forward to welcoming and helping you.