Order Process

Ordering new glasses or designer sunglasses from us is easy.

1. Browse our range of frames, choose the one you want.

2. Add a prescription for your lenses. There are lots of lenses to choose from.

3. Choose the material (Refractive Index).

4. Finally, choose a coating or tint. There is an option for no coating.

Guide to lenses

We accept orders for the following lens options. Choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. After you have chosen one of the following lens options, you can further choose the material or Refractive Index used in the manufacture of the lens as well as your preferred tint or coating.

Single Vision – Distance

This type of lens helps to improve your sight from a distance. It will only require one prescription.


This intermediate lens helps those who use visual display units, such as computers at work. Your employer may be obliged to pay for your glasses if you need them to work with a screen.


Prescriptions for reading glasses means lenses will be dispensed that improve your near-sight vision.


We dispense bifocals that deliver two focuses – distance and near-sight. They will ensure you can see clearly from the two different distances with just one lens.


Lenses to help you see clearly when working on a computer or carrying out DIY, hobbies or gardening.

Standard Varifocal

Considered a good alternative to bifocals, this is our entry varifocal lens. As well as providing close-up and distance vision, this lens will help you clearly see things in between too.

Premium Varifocal

This lens differs from our standard varifocal in that it delivers a wider field of clear vision.

Bespoke Varifocal

These lenses give you clarity exactly where you need it. Prescriptions are based on accurate measurements taken by your optician.

Essilor Comfort

These lenses are often recommended for the presbyopic because they deliver exceptional comfort.

Essilor Physio

This lens is suitable if you lead an active lifestyle. It is manufactured with digital precision to meet individual vision requirements.

Essilor X Series

This lens provides near vision depth as well as exceptional clarity at further distances. It is revered for its outstanding clarity.

Nikon Presio Balance

If you have previously worn bifocals, this lens is recommended for balanced visual comfort – at near and distance ranges.

Nikon Digi Life

The perfect lens for those who use digital devices every day – either for work or pleasure.

Nikon Master

This lens uses the same technology you will find in advanced camera lenses. It provides natural, comfortable vision and can be personalised to meet your requirements.

Hoya Summit Pro

Choose this lens for sharper vision and balance between near and far distances. Delivers natural clarity from all angles.

Hoya MyStyle

This is the lens that delivers binocular performance and great focussing. It is designed to provide vision that is clear and stable while offering depth.

Hoya iD Lifestyle

A comfortable, all-round progressive lens with even distribution of clarity.

Road Pilot

For visual clarity when driving. Offering outstanding comfort and sharpness, this lens reduces glare and can be worn day or night.

Guide to lens materials

Thinner lenses have a higher Refractive Index. We offer the following lens options:


This lens has a Refractive Index of 1.5 and is hard coated.

Entry Level

This lens has a Refractive Index of 1.6 and is 33% lighter and thinner than standard lenses. They benefit from anti-glare and a UV block.

Good All Rounder

This lens has a Refractive Index of 1.67 and is 46% lighter and thinner than standard lenses. It has anti-glare properties and a UV block.

World’s Thinnest Plastic Lens

This innovative lens has a Refractive Index of 1.74. They reduce glare and have a UV block.

Ask your optician for advice if you are not sure which material is best for your vision needs.

Lens tints and coatings

We supply lenses with no coatings as well as Stay Clean Anti-Glare, Transition lenses and Polarised with a choice of tints. We also supply lenses with just a tint coating.