Are you suffering due to the current requirement of having to wear a mask in public, consequently resulting in your glasses steaming up?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the requirement of having to wear a mask in public places, in order to prevent the further spread and contamination of the disease. Many people agree that this new requirement is slightly uncomfortable, although it is bearable. However, for those who have the additional requirement of needing glasses to help them see, wearing a mask is not only uncomfortable but it also affects the quality of their vision through the glasses, due to the creation of steam fogging up the glasses.

However, this problem has a solution! A brand new product has been released to prevent the steam from affecting the glasses for up to 24 hour periods. The ‘No Fog’ high-performance lens cleaning wipes, these wipes are suitable for any type of lens and a simple wipe over will protect the lenses and solve your foggy problem. The cleaning wipes come in packs of 30 wipes and have a lovely lemon scent.

Whilst we all understand that the new requirement of a mask in public will not be changing or taken away any time soon, it is necessary to adapt our lives around it. Therefore, these high-performance lens cleaning wipes could be the adaptation you have been waiting for, you can be comfortable and safe in public, all whilst being able to see perfectly!