Patient Journey:
Not sure what to expect from a mobile optical service? This section is designed to give you a clear picture of the service Eyecare at Home provide. You can be confident that from the initial contact to the after care check-up, each patient receives the very best care and service from our dedicated team of
optical staff who understand the specific needs of each individual.

Patient History:
The Eyecare at Home optometrist will gather information through a short series of questions to determine your current state of health and family medical history, as well as discussing any concerns you have about your vision.

Health Check-up:
Our optometrists will now examine the optical health by using an ophthalmoscope to shine a light into the eye. This is followed by a retinoscope which is used to help determine your prescription. The Eyecare at Home optometrist will then assess the results and determine if any addition tests, such as a Field Analysis, are required. Should this be necessary, this test will be fully explained on site.

Eye Pressure Testing:
To measure the eye pressure, your optometrist will use a tonometer (which helps to assess the presence of glaucoma). This is a quick and painless method which does not involve eye drops or blowing air into the eye.

Letter Chart Test:
To establish your specific prescription, the letter chart is used to fine-tune the results of the previous tests. At this stage you can expect your Eyecare at Home optometrist to show you a series of portable illuminated test charts through a selection of lenses.
Based on your answers, the optometrist will determine which exact prescription is required to improve your vision.

At Eyecare at Home we offer a complete optical service, so in just one visit we can provide a concise eye examination and also a full dispensing service.
Following your examinations, should spectacles be required, your optometrist or your dispensing optician will assist you in choosing frames and optical lenses. We offer an extensive choice of frames ranging from spectacles which are completely free (for those who are eligible) to rimless, memory
metal, stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and titanium frames. We also stock a broad selection of designer frames for those who require premium spectacles.
A complete range of lenses are available, including aspheric and high index lenses. This extensive choice, combined with a range of single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses from all the leading brands, ensures you are able to chose a product which is right for you.

Glazing Laboratory, Delivery and Fitting:
To ensure a smooth and efficient service, Eyecare at Home boasts its own glazing laboratory which enables all orders to be completed within our ​7-day promise​, as well as, when required, providing emergency repairs and same-day services.
Once your spectacles have been made to your requirements, one of our team of dispensing opticians will personally deliver you spectacles direct to you to ensure they fit correctly and make any required adjustments.

Every Eyecare at Home patient receives a complimentary six month aftercare service, including patient care and access to our repair service. Our team can be contacted by calling ​020 8614 0702
After 12 months, a member of the Eyecare at Home reception team will contact you to arrange a follow-up sight test.